Our mission 

The commitment of Yoga Swaha Kids is to positively contribute to the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, social and creative development of the children, while improving their overall wellbeing.


We believe that offering yoga education, aligned with the demands of the market, allows each child to realise their potential gifts, while encouraging a lifestyle of health, well being and a great quality of life. 

Our vision

It is our vision to inspire total wellbeing and creativity through art, mindfulness, music, and storytelling activities, combined with the movements of yoga. We believe this encourages a playful process for learning, which results in the discovery of creative potential, self-knowledge and integral health. 


Each program is customised and reflective of the needs of the individual child. The program is facilitated by yoga teachers dedicated to health and wellbeing with many years of experience in consulting, training and children’s education and development. 


This is our invitation for you! All are welcome and we looking forward to sharing your experiences, beliefs and joys, because playing, learning and teaching make us better and loved. 

Who are we? 

Yoga Swaha Kids is a welcoming and joyful space with a social responsibility for the conscious development of children. 

We are a school committed to children’s education through Yoga, Mindfulness and Spirituality. 

With the renewed Green School Bali support we offer our trainings in a very ecological environment bringing ecology as part of our consciousness. 

With more than 10 years in the market Yoga Swaha Kids is a perfect school for people who are looking to experience and teach our program to children and teenagers.



Beta Lisboa

Beta’s passion for kids education started long time ago when she was attending physical education university. Beta touched kds in Private and public schools in Brazil and US. It was in Boston when Beta, after attending a Kids Yoga training, started teaching Kidsyoga to her primarily school students.


It was a big revolution on the first years of yoga for kids at schools in Boston. Beta didn’t stop there moving back to Salvador, her home town and created a Yoga for kids at schools project. 

Years later Beta and her sister founded the Yoga Swaha Kids. It has been a very powerful combination to create this program, combining Beta’s knowledge and experience with yoga and education and Fabiane Prem’s psychology background.

YogaSwaha Kids program has been taught around the world in countries like Brazil, India, Thailand and Bali.

It remained in Bali with the support of the renowned Green School where every year Beta offers one 10 days training.   

Read more about Beta http://www.betalisboa.com/biography-beta-lisboa-yoga-training/


Fern White - Andrews 

"This training helped me to take Yoga for kids and young people further to who they are”

This training is for absolutely anyone who wants to teach kids and teens. It was a very powerful process to take part of.” 

Tenile Vicenzi

"For this training about for me to get in touch with a lot of playfulness and creativity. Super playful week”

Michael Caleb

“The highlights of this trainings is the Multiple Intelligences and how connect with my inner child”

Preeya Pramukkul

“I learned how to be sustained, how to integrate sustainability to my life even coming from a big city” 

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